The Implant Dentistry

Controversial Issues


Dr. Niznick Responds

Since 1982, Dr.Niznick has analyzed the design shortcomings and misleading marketing claims of the many leading Implant companies and has spoken out on many controversies and issues affecting implant dentistry. The forum for these discussions have been editorials, open letters to the profession, social posts, and e-mail exchanges. The first major controversy arose in 1984 with Nobel’s open letter to Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists objecting to Core-Vent’s references to an extrapolation of Branemark’s research. You will find these discussions informative and entertaining.


Analysis of the Short Coming's In Contrast to GEN5™ Paragon Implants

Marketing Rhetoric

Historic Issues that affected the dental implant dentistry

Core-Vent Clinical Reality vs Marketing Rhetoric 1987

Paragon Implant Controversies Implant Connections and Surfaces 1997

Technology report for discerning dentist from 1983 through the end of the 1990’s

Open Letter to Nobel Biocare 2007

What is the origin and rationale for Nobel Biocare's On1 Healing Collar/Abutment?

What are the preferred features of an implant regarding threads, taper & cutting grooves?

What constitutes an effective self-tapping design for a dental implant?

Play Video about What companies have contributed to innovations?

What companies have contributed to innovations?

Should the neck of the implant seal the crestal opening of the surgical site?

Do deeper threads alone increase initial stability or is the surgical protocol more important?

Can premium implant prices ($400+) be justified by claims of faster healing or increased success?

Does Nobel's All-on-3 Treefoil solution for the edentulous lower jaw obviate angled implants?

What are design advantages of Implant Direct's InterActive implants vs NobelActive?

Does having only one diameter internal shaft compromise emergence profile?

Does a smooth neck on an implant reduce peri-implantitis or just encourage bone loss?

Is there any advantage to a 74-84° lead in bevel compared to the 45° of the 1986 Screw-Vent?

What is the ideal implant surfaces? Machine → AlO₂ Blasted/Etched → HA → SBM → Anodized

Does HA coating increase attachment strength and does trabecular metal reduce initial stability?

Is there any clinical significance to Straumann's claim that SLActive surface reduces healing time?

Are the obvious disadvantages of subcrestal placement justified by any perceived advantages?

Is platform switching inherent in all conical connection implants? Does it reduce bone loss?

What are the advantages of using a straight-step drill vs a tapered drill for inserting a tapered implant?

Can the use of a bone tap be eliminated with the placement of self-taping implants?

What contributes more to implant fractures: choice of material, implant design, or both?

Are Nobel's efforts to discourage the use of Implant Direct's Nobel-compatible abutments justified?


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