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Dr. Gerald Niznick, DMD, MSD has a 40-year history in the dental implant industry developing innovative cost-effective implant systems. He was awarded 33 US patents for his designs, with 4 more pending as of September 2023. Dr. Niznick’s mission is to continue to innovate in the dental implant industry. His Los Angeles implant factory, built in 1994, has been the home of many dental implant companies such as Core-Vent, Zimmer Dental®, Implant Direct®, and now it is the home of Paragon Implant™ Company established in 2022. Click the buttons below to learn more about Dr. Niznick’s history and the impact he has had on the dental implant industry.

Paragon Implant™ Company

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, innovative, dental implants and abutments through internet sales at factory-direct prices.

Our Vision

Our vision at Paragon Implant™ is to lead a revolution in the dental implant industry by offering high-quality, innovative, affordable dental implants and abutments at factory direct prices. Our advanced multifunctional implant design simplifies procedures, reduces complications. Reflecting our commitment to excellence and quality, we aspire to be the preferred source for dental implant professionals.


Gerald Niznick, DMD, MSD

A 40 Year Evolution of Dental
Implant Design

Gerald Niznick has a 40-year history in the Implant Industry developing innovative, cost-effective Dental Implant Systems and Abutments.
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A Paradigm Shift

Paragon Implant Company was founded by Dr. Gerald Niznick, DMD, MSD in April 2022. Dr. Niznick has a 40-year history of developing cost-effective implant solutions. He developed Implant Systems that are currently being sold by ZimVie (Tapered Screw-Vent®) and Envista (Implant Direct®). Dr. Niznick has been awarded 33 US patents with 4 more pending as of September 2023. Starting in 1982-1997 the Core-vent line, then from 1997-1999 the Paragon, then again from 2004-2017 the Implant Direct® line, following that the Implant Direct® Sybron line from 2011-2017, and now in 2022 the latest and greatest, new and improved, Paragon™ Simply Smarter™ GEN5™ Implant System.

about 40 year dental-evolution

1982-1997 Core-Vent Corp


Created simplified surgical procedures and versatile prosthetics

1997-2001 Paragon Implant Co


Created Tapered Screw-Vent & AdVent implants still sold by Zimmer Biomet

2004 - 2010 Implant Direct LLC


Created value segment of implant industry with All-in-1 Packaging

2011: Implant Direct Sybron


Dr. Niznick remained president until 12/31/13 after selling to Danaher

Paragon implant Company


Dr. Niznick’s manufacturing facility in Calabasas, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) was built in 1994. Over the last 3 decades, the facility was home to Core-Vent Corporation, Paragon Implant Company, Zimmer Dental, and Implant Direct. All companies making products developed by Dr. Gerald Niznick related to his 33 US patents. In March 2022, following the expiration of his non-compete from the sale of Implant Direct, Dr. Niznick came out of retirement to launch the new Paragon Implant™ Company with a new implant system that will redefine versatility, simplicity, and value for the dental implant community.



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Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative, dental implants and abutments through internet sales at factory-direct prices.