Analysis Of The Shortcomings of Tri-Dental's® Matrix's Implants In Contrast To GEN5™ Implants From Paragon™ Implant

Patterson Dental announces distributorship of the Matrix implant from Switzerland. The Matrix implant is designed for direct attachment of the restoration to the top of the implant. The Marketing Claim is “The Tri Matrix implant technology allows for 3-5x more profit on the immediate crown”. 

I take issue with TRI-Implant’s marketing Claim “The Tri Matrix implant technology allows for 3-5x more profit on the immediate crown”. I have been told that the US price for the Matrix implant will be $350. Paragon’s GEN5™ implant is set for launch at the end of this year. It also has an anodized, extended neck suitable for direct attachment of a screw-retained single or multi-unit restoration. It will have a US list price of $100, adding only $50-$60 for an abutment. Therefore, the cost is about half that of the Matrix implant alone, disproving Matrix’s claim of cost savings. If a dentist chooses to connect directly to the top of the Gen5™ implant, its internal hex will provide anti-rotation for single unit restorations, and its 45-degree, lead in bevel (verses Matrix’s relatively flat top) will provide lateral stability.

TRI-Implant claims the Matrix is the first implant approved by the FDA for direct connection of the restoration to the top of the implant. The FDA does not restrict dentists from attaching a restoration directly to the top of any implant, but does restrict fabrication of direct connect restorations for Matrix implants to labs certified by the Tri-Implant Co.

The Conical Connection (Niznick Patent #4,960,381) was first introduced in 1986 with the Screw-Vent implant and became the cornerstone for modern implant designs. Paragon’s™ new internal connection combines the 45-degree lead-in bevel and internal hex with a Morse Taper for friction fit stability. This innovation (Pat. Pend.) is designed to eliminate screw loosening and provide the long-term stability needed to minimize or eliminate micro-leakage that can lead to peri-implantitis.  Complications arising from an unstable implant-restoration or implant-abutment connection could dramatically increase re-treatment costs and negatively impact long-term success.

Tobias Richter started and ran my EU sales from 2008-2010. He is a former employee and a friend. That does not prevent me from being critical of the Matrix implant. Every implant company is looking for a USP (unique selling proposition) to differentiate its products from the competition. The Matrix’s hook is a direct connection to the top of the implant to save the cost of the abutment. This may be innovative from a marketing standpoint but it is fatally flawed for several reasons:

1. If the matrix sells in the US for $350 as I have been told, then it is $100-$200 more than what many companies sell an implant and abutment so there is no savings

2. The stability between the implant and whatever connects to it is critical for long-term success. Screwing a crown or bridge directly to the relatively flat surface of the Matrix implant cannot provide adequate stability and Tobias/Tri-implant should know this because their original implant copied my friction-fit patent that I sold in 2000 along with Core-Vent/Paragon to the predecessor of ZimVie.

3. There is nothing novel or proprietary about connecting the restoration directly to the top of the implant. It can be done as well or better to internal conical connections as to

We announce our partnership with US-leading Patterson Dental for our market entry in the USA🇺🇸! full press release 👉

As Patterson has a strong heritage as a leader in chair-side digital dentistry, this partnership will emphasize the multiple benefits of modern-day digital implant workflows in dental clinics. Using digital manufacturing technologies such as 3D printers and CAD/CAM milling machines, the TRI Matrix implant technology (NO ABUTMENT, NO CEMENT, NO LIMIT) allows with its TRI® matrix® Scan & Solution for more profit on the immediate crown, reduced chair-side time and immediate esthetic result for the clinician and his/her patient.

Paragon’s™ Implants are available in two sterile packaging options suspended on an insertion, carrying tool in an inner vial. 1. GEN5™: 6 diameter and length options. The 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, and 16mm lengths have a 2.5mm anodized collar while the 6mm & 8mm have a 2mm collar, 2. GEN5+™ is the same implant packaged with a 1.8mm friction-fit, a trans-mucosal collar that can serve as a healing collar and a platform for a variety of abutment options. It is converted to a multi-unit abutment by the attachment of a prosthetic screw available in 3 heights.

Gen5 cover


Applies to Straumann’s TLX implant and Paragon’s GEN5™ implant BUT not the BLX

Dr. Niznick Article: AO News Vol.33 No. 2, 2022:
Dr. Buser cites a Swedish 10-year study comparing three implants: Astra, NobelBiocare and Straumann’s Tissue Level implant, claiming the latter exhibited significantly less peri-implantitis. Assuming part of the smooth neck of the Straumann TL implant was inserted in bone, this would give it a hybrid bone interface. It also adds the variable that the implant-abutment connection would be supra-crestal… [which] is at least as important a factor in minimizing peri-implantitis as a hybrid surface.”
Dr. Michael Dard, Prof. NYU Interview:
1. Explains peri-implantitis and
Discusses results of the Derks et al study

peri-implantitis study
Dr. Daniel Buser tissue level

This case control study measured early crestal bone changes around sub-crestal placed platform-switched implants surrounded by thin soft tissue and compared them with regular, matching-platform implants placed in a supra-crestal position and surrounded by thick soft tissue. After 1 year, mean bone loss was 0.28mm (SD:0.36mm; range: 0.1-1.63mm) in the control group and -0.6mm (SD:0.55mm; range: 0.05-1.8mm) in the test group. Platform-switched implants placed in a subcrestal position in vertically thin soft tissues showed statistically significantly more bone loss than non-platform-switched implants placed supra-crestal with vertically thick tissues.

crestal bone case

Paragon’s GEN5, GEN5+™ and NizPlantimplants have the same implant body with a 2.5mm machined, anodized neck. Depth gauge lines at 1mm, 2mm and 2.5mm from the top (Pat. Pend.), along with 2 depths of drill stops, facilitate placement level with or 1mm above the crest of the ridge. The insertion depth control, in conjunction with the ability to varying the height of the prosthetic screw, minimizes the need and cost of maintaining an inventory of abutment heights. The GEN5+™ offers the additional flexibility of a 2mm friction-fit collar that can serve as the trans-mucosal collar of an abutment or be removed for abutment connection directly to the top of the implant for unprecedented vertical flexibility.


Each Paragon implant is 1mm longer than the standard lengths of the respective Screw-Vent and Legacy implants. Paragon’s surgical system includes two options of drill stops. One is for placement 1mm supra-crestal, which moves the implant-abutment junction away from the bone and and creates a 1mm supra-crestal zone of titanium for undisturbed soft tissue attachment when prosthetic components are attached and removed from the implant. The other drill stop positions the implant level with the highest point on the the ridge, usually on the lingual, leaving the smooth neck exposed if there is bone recession on the labial/buccal. The diameters of the drill stops and the freedom of rotation of the drills within the drill stops allow there use through surgical guide without the need for keys.

paragon surgical system
gen5 friction-fit extender

The simulated case (right) shows 8 GEN5+™ implants replacing exposed implants (left). Little or no bone grafting is needed because only smooth surfaces are exposed. Attaching a Prosthetic Screw converts the platform to standard MUA.

gen5 implant simulated case
patented features of nizplant
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