Implant Industry Newsletter Volume 2

Implant Industry Newsletter
Volume 2

Gerald Niznick DMD, MSD is a prosthodontist who was the founder and president of four implant companies over the last 42 years: Core-Vent (1982-1997), Paragon™ (1997-2001), Implant Direct® (2004-2013) and the new Paragon™ (2022-present). Dr. Niznick has been awarded 33 US Patents, including the internal conical connection (1987) that has become the cornerstone of modern implant design. As of the date of this newsletter, he has three pending patent applications related to design features of Paragon’s™ new implant system. Dr. Niznick has been at the forefront of the evolution of implant design and has been addressing the controversies created by competing implant claims for over 40 years. For more information on Dr. Niznick and the dental implant industry history, visit

Dear Colleagues,

In this second edition of a series of newsletters I will provide a roadmap to Paragon’s™ very content-rich website that includes many videos, articles, product analysis and controversies. Regardless which implant system(s) you are currently using, the general information provided on Paragon’s™ website will broaden your knowledge and better help you make an informed decision regarding products and procedures. The centerpiece of the Paragon’s™ Home Page is a five-minute 3D graphic video explaining the features, benefits, and applications of the three implants that make up the Paragon™ Implant System. My innovations, including 33 US Patents, are the DNA of modern implants, and, along with 3 new innovations (Pat. Pend.), are incorporated in my new Generation 5 implant designs. To the right are links to three other videos, including a 7-minute chronology of my 60 year dental career. The other two are excerpts of an interview that includes a slide presentation of the Paragon™ System and answers to questions related to the implant industry in general, and sub-crestal placement of implants in particular. Once Paragon™ receives its FDA Clearance, a shopping cart will be added to the website.


Gerald Niznick, DMD, MSD

WWW.PARAGON-IMPLANT.COM Home Page Links to Videos and the Scientific Basis GEN5™

3D Graphic video (5 minutes) showing the three implants that comprise Paragon’s™ Implant System.

  • The GEN5™ is a two-piece implant with an anodized machined collar and score lines that gives the surgeon vertical flexibility to place it level with the bone or supra-crestal.
  • The GEN5+™ is the same implant but with a 2mm, friction-fit extender that converts to a standard MUA with a prosthetic screw.
  • The NizPlant™ is a 1-Piece implant with a dual-function platform designed to retain an overdenture or support a fixed bridge.

“My innovations are the DNA of modern implants, and are incorporated in my new Generation 5 implant designs”

This 7-minute video chronicles my contributions to the dental profession during my 58-year career that includes the formation of four successful dental implant companies and being awarded 33 US Patents.

I am also recognized for designing and funding the largest dental implant clinical research project published in special issues of JOMS and Annals of Periodontology, treating 900+ US Veterans at 32 VA Centers in the USA.

“One purpose: Making implant dentistry more accessible to the patient and more predictable for the clinician.”

This 14-minute excerpt from an interview includes a slide show on Paragon’s™ implant system that includes:

  • The GEN5™ with color coded 3.5mmD and 4.5mmD platforms & prosthetic components.
  • The GEN5+™ with a friction-fit, 2mm extender that converts to MUA by attaching a screw.
  • The NizPlant™ is a 1-piece implant with a dual-function platform for over-dentures and MUA.
  • Each implant has a smooth, anodized neck with score lines at 1mm & 2mm from the top.

“Two of the three implants I developed are targeted at edentulous applications”

In this 8-minute excerpt of an interview, I answer the question as to why there are so many dental implant companies, all fighting for market share. I also explain why Paragon’s™ implants are designed to provide vertical flexibility for crestal or supra-crestal placement, especially in extraction sockets and uneven ridges. The 2-2.5mm smooth neck of each implant facilitates both 1- or 2-stage surgical protocols.

“What is really driving the growth of the implant market is the public and the benefits of implants.”

The Homepage also contains a link to a 16-page document on the “Evolution and scientific basis of Paragon’s™ GEN5™ implant system” which contains 36 links to articles and videos. The homepage also contains a link to the full 1-hour interview with Amir Mansouri, CEO and Co-founder of SprintRay, where I provide my perspective on a variety of dental implant subjects and controversies.

Paragon's™ Website includes Pages that Cover the Following Topics

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